For the things i’ve done,you blame me for.

For the things i’ve done,
you blame me for.

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yes that’s exactly how this headcanons ends. But also with Romeo storming in because he’s Romeo and HE HAS to rant about a girl AGAIN



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I AM HERE FRIEND. Please try to picture Mercutio spending a whole afternoon misplacing all Benvolio’s books in his room because a)it’s a wonderful joke b) he can spend the day after helping Benvolio and nobody will care if they are alone in the room.


Now I have this image of benvolio and mercutio making out on the floor with piles and piles of books around them and

i just


*whispers* talk bencutio to me

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thank you bb <33

a lead female character in a musical
CHRISTINE (Phantom of The Opera)

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Finally done!!Sorry for the delay,being busy(lazy) recently =3= I promise I’ll draw more RetJ fanart.Some Tycutio maybe?I really relly really ship them  _(:з」∠)_ 

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             Now I’ve found my purpose. It’s a project actually inspired by you
                               and I feel the most wonderful.. freedom.

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15 Favorite Disney Films (Including: Live Action, Pixar, and other Disney owned films)
#04: Pocahontas;
"Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us. This is the path I choose, Father. What will yours be?"

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